Butterfly that flutters
In the morning light
You've known many forms
Before you e'er took flight

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Butterfly medicine is the ability to know the mind and to be able to change it.  It is the art of transformation. The use of this medicine entails observing your station in life in the cycle of self-transformation. Butterfly goes through four stages of transformation, and these can apply to each of us:
1 - The Egg Stage. The beginning, the stage where an idea is born, but is not yet a reality.
2 - The Larva State. Here is where one decides to take the idea and to bring it into the physical world.
3 - The Cocoon Stage. This is where you have to "go within" and start developing and shaping the idea.
4 - The Birth Stage. This is the final stage of transformation where Butterfly leaves the chrysalis and emerges into the world. Are you ready to bring your idea into reality?

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                                            HOW IS THE SPIRAL CIRCLE TOTEM CHOSEN EACH YEAR?

Each year our Totem is chosen by individually meditating on each one of the 52 cards that are supplied with the book called Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson. The Native American wisdom that is contained therein is absolutely profound, and contains practical guidance for all who would seek to apply it.

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