Scared little Rabbit.....
Please drop your fright!
Running doesn't stop the pain,
Or turn darkness into light.

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Rabbit Medicine teaches us that those who live in absolute fear of tragedy, illness, disaster and even terrorism are actually calling on those very fears to come and visit upon them in order to teach themselves lessons. The keynote here is: That which you resist will persist! Remember also the biblical verse Job 3:25, "That which I have always feared has now come upon me."

These current world events have brought us riots, terror attacks, needless mass  killings, wars and threats of wars, absolute destruction by floods, extended droughts, fires and windstorms. What's not to fear!

However, Rabbit Medicine says that we must now stop thinking and talking about all the horrible things that could happen. We need to eliminate the phrase "what if" from our vocabularies and to stop worrying about and trying to exercise control over that which has not yet occurred ---- the future!

If your fears persist, then take a hint from Rabbit. Burrow into a safe place to nurture yourself and let The Great Spirit move in to release those fears. Then  you will know when it's time to go back out into the pasture.

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                                            HOW IS THE SPIRAL CIRCLE TOTEM CHOSEN EACH YEAR?

Each year our Totem is chosen by individually meditating on each one of the 52 cards that are supplied with the book called Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson. The Native American wisdom that is contained therein is absolutely profound, and contains practical guidance for all who would seek to apply it.

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