Armor all my boundaries,
Teach me to use my shield,
Reflect all that would hurt me
So I will not tend to yield.


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Armadillo  wears its armor on its back. Its medicine is actually part of its body, and its boundaries of safety are a part of its total being. When threatened, Armadillo can roll into a ball and never be penetrated by its enemies.

What a gift it is to be able to set your own boundaries so that harmful words or bad intentions just roll off. Your lesson is in setting up that which you are willing to experience. If you do not wish to experience the feeling of being invaded, just call on Armadillo medicine.

You can do this by making a circle on a piece of paper and viewing it as a medicine shield. In the body of the shield, write down all that you are desiring to have, do or experience, including the things that give you joy. This sets up personal boundaries that allow only those chosen experiences to be part of your life, and those boundaries become a shield that can ward off the things that are undesirable to you.


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                                 HOW IS THE SPIRAL CIRCLE TOTEM CHOSEN EACH YEAR?

Each year our Totem is chosen by individually meditating on each one of the 52 cards that are supplied with the book called Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson. The Native American wisdom that is contained therein is absolutely profound, and contains practical guidance for all who would seek to apply it.

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