May 15th is always a special date for our store. It was on that day in 1975 that the Spiral Circle was founded in Orlando, FL. It began as a 10x10 cubicle in what was then known as the Eastland Bazaar, a strip mall on East Colonial Drive that occupied the very space that Home Depot occupies now. The mall had a very short life span, and after about 6 months the fledgling store relocated to Winter Park upstairs in the same building as the (now defunct) Brandywine Restaurant used to be in. After about a year, it made one more relocation in Winter Park, and then it was decided that it really needed a place of its own. Just about then, a realtor friend announced that she had just the place that we needed to be. She was right on target, and ever since 1978, we have been here at 750 N. Thornton Ave in Orlando. This unusual store is a real "Brick & Mortar Store" where you can actually pick up books and browse through the pages, or listen to a CD before you buy it. No Kindle required, no electronics needed, just a one-on-one relationship and a chance to talk to a real live human being face-to-face about the content of our books and a variety of other subjects. And, you might even just get a hug! Just think about it, the Little Ole Spiral Circle has outlived all of the following publishing giants: Walden's Books, Borders Books, B.Dalton, Encore Books, Atlantic Books & Crown Books. Plus, it is located about a mile from the mighty Barnes & Noble in Colonial Plaza, and we still have a faithful following. We just want to say "Thank You" to all of our loyal customers, and to all of the new ones who have discovered us. You are the ones who have made Spiral what it is.