It's now been One Year, but we have no fear,
'Cause you know just where you are.
And it's those of us who create the fuss,
'Cause your world is just too far.

Now your world's sublime since it has no time,
But ours keeps dragging along,
We're all weighted down but keep moving around
Trying to determine what's wrong.

The legacy so kind that you left behind
Was your sense of Gratitude.
You constantly taught only good would be wrought
If expressions of thanks were used.

We can truthfully say you're a dimension away,
How we wish we could bridge that gap,
To just reach across like a stone we would toss,
And then hand you an ethereal strap.

But alas we are here, and it's abundantly clear
Solid contact is not to be made,
But we can make a decision for our minds to envision,
That never your Spirit will fade.

As Mark Anthony said in his book we've all read,
"We must let go of the sorrow",
And with help from Above, "we hold on to the love",
So we'll all have a better tomorrow.

We miss your loving presence, Beverly, and we always will.
August 5th, 2017