O Great Spirit,
Whose voice I hear in the wind,
Whose breath gives life to everything,
Hear me.

I come to you as one of your many children.
I am small, I am weak, I need your strength
I need your wisdom.
Help me to walk in beauty and in balance.

May my eyes ever behold your red and purple
sunrises and sunsets; your blues, your greens, your grays.
May my hands be ever respectful of all that you have made,
May my ears be sharp to hear your voice.

Grant me wisdom that I may understand all that you have taught my people,
and the lessons that you have hidden in every leaf, in every rock, and in every animal.
Make me wise, not that I would be superior to my brothers or sisters, but that I may come to know my greatest friend and my greatest foe ........ myself.

May I ever be ready to come before thee with clean hands and straight eyes.
And that as life fades like a fading sunset, I can come before thee without shame.


(It is believed that this prayer was composed by Chief Yellow Lark of the Lakota Tribe in 1887)


The following prayer was one of Beverly's favorites, and was given to us by Evelyn Eaton, author of the book, I Send a Voice (copyright 1978), and who earned the right to participate in a true Native American Sweat Lodge and to become a Pipe Carrier.

Great Spirit,
Whose voice we hear in the winds,
Whose breath gives life to the world,
We would restore what greed has taken from the Earth.

Great Spirit,
We are blind and deaf.
Open your eyes to us
That we may see.
Open your ears to us that we may hear compassion
Open your compassion to us that we may have compassion
Upon the Earth,
Upon our Mother Earth.

Great Spirit,
May our feet walk gently.
May our hands respect her,
May we learn the lessons
In every leaf and rock,
May our strength restore her.

Great Spirit,
When we face the sunset
When we come singing
The last song, may it be
Without shame, singing
"It is finished in beauty,
It is finished in beauty!"