Used Book Room Announcement
As of July, 2018

In the kitchen area of the store, located at the south end of the building, we maintain some shelves of used books and magazines, tapes, CD's and similar items.
NOTE: When looking at these items, check the inside front page of a book to see if it has the Spiral Circle Logo stamped on it. If not, then it has not yet been processed as a used book and will not be available for sale at this time.
In general, all paperback books in this area are now priced at $1.00, and all hardcover books are $2.00, regardless of size or content. If an item looks excessively used or worn, then simply make an offer to the person at the counter as to what the item would be worth to you.
All cassette tapes & CD's are $2.00 net (no discount), and some items may marked as FREE.
This area is also used for posting notices about other events that are happening in the Orlando area as well as a place for people to display their business cards. Here also, you will find announcements, free magazines & newspapers, bulletins, scheduled activities and advertisements.  Feel free to take any of these items that may be of interest you.
We are not in a position to buy used books, but can accept them as donations from those who wish to recycle instead of discarding them. Doing this allows others to benefit from the knowledge contained therein, and also helps us to offset the cost of providing an area to disseminate free information to the public. If you do wish to recycle your surplus books, please make sure that they are FREE FROM SMOKE. We cannot pass on books that are tainted with smoke residue.


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Updated on August 16, 2015